Who the hell does Obama hang out with?

Barack Obama - I haven't done much outside of being elected once.

 Someone please explain this quote from Barack Obama:

“We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.”

Maybe the second part is correct, which is a problem in itself, but why does that mean we need to internalize it?  Shouldn’t we externalize it in the hope that the rest of the people also aspire to excellence? 

People should spend a lot of time trying to achieve excellence, it will make your life better.  But the left-wingnut mentality is no one can succeed without someone else failing, of success is not deserved, no matter how it is gotten, because someone else hasn’t succeeded.  To hell with that! 

Bill Gates is Bill Gates not because some people have it rough, he’s who he is because he busted his ass to become who he is.  Think what you will of Windows (and Macs are better machines, just way too expensive), people choose it by the truck load every day.  Microsoft risks millions, even billions, every time they develop and market new products (not to mention the money they spend on products that don’t make it to market), why should they not reap the benefits of delivering something people want?

The problem with Liberals like Obama is they view success as an accident, not something earned.  They don’t see the hard work, long hours and financial risks assumed by those who succeed as anything worth rewarding.  They also don’t see the jobs and wealth created in the process.  Bill Gates didn’t become rich at the expense of anyone, he made a lot of other people rich right along with him, and what he started pretty much IS the economy of Washington state.  If anything, he’s under-paid! 

That last line brings up the question Liberals love to ask: How much does one person need?

As much as they want and can earn legally, is the only answer to that question.

Bill Gates is choosing to give it away, good for him, that’s his choice.  So is Warren Buffett.  Great.  But if you notice, they aren’t giving it to the government, they’re giving it away in the private sector.  Sure, Buffett wines about how under taxed he is (we’ve got the answer to that one), but he isn’t cutting a check to the feds to alleviate his guilt. 

Some people are selfish, and that’s fine.  A lot of Liberal elites in Hollywood make millions but keep it, preferring to do appearances at charity functions rather than give up their own money and call that giving.  Well, it is.  Since no one is or should be obligated to do anything for anyone else, anything anyone does do for anyone else is giving, even if it’s just allowing your name to be used and showing up somewhere.

But the Left wants to mandate that society take care of the less fortunate for ever, and they want to take money from others to do it.  Conservatives are all for a safety net and a helping hand, but we differ from Liberals when it comes to providing people with everything needed to sustain their lives for ever.  Giving someone enough to survive on without a time limit will mean a large portion, those who don’t strive be to excellent, will never improve their own lot in life.  There is no reason to.  Why get out of bed in the morning when you can make just as much money not? 

So excellence is required, should not be internalized but should be celebrated and aspired to.  Anything less is a disservice to the very people Senator Obama claims to be the champion of.

There’s also a ‘defining down’ or relativization of excellence in this statement.  Don’t say what excellence is, it can be whatever you want it to be!  And you are excellent!


2 Responses to “Who the hell does Obama hang out with?”

  1. February 13, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    I do not grudge Gates giving away his fortune. However, he is also starting to lecture to others and becoming a salesperson for altruism. And, in his recent speeches, he is becoming a spokesman against capitalism. The solutions he offers are old wine in old bottles.

    As another blog put it: “… Gates’ … fundamental error, altruism. … … What’s Gates solution? It’s nothing new, just the good old mixed economy of course.”

  2. 2 Anonomous
    June 23, 2008 at 1:21 am

    Wait a second, did you seriously say that since Warren Buffet feels undertaxed, he should give his money to the government so they can waste it on killing people and bueraucracy instead of giving it to the poor? Is you stupid, or is you just high?
    In case you’re a tl;dr’er, it boils down to “Poor people are evil, and the rich that help them are suckers”.

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