Mr. President, justice is in your hands.

This story about Sgt. Patrick Lett, if true (and we have no reason to doubt it, but you never know till you know), is a sad tale of lazy lawyering and a system incapable of dealing with the reality of circumstances.

Sgt. Lett delivered cocaine, no doubt, but was not a “dealer” in the classic sense of the term.  His conviction was justified insofar as he was guilty.  The problem entered when the sentence was imposed. 

What happened next is right out of a Grisham novel; lazy lawyer doesn’t do his homework, but law school student and friend of the defendant does and saves him from a long prison term. 

That’s where the movie would normally end, but this is just the end of part one…unfortunately. 

Read the whole story and ask yourself and, if you’re so inclined, click here to encourage the President to look into this injustice for a possible pardon. 


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