Clinton campaign getting desperate, very desperate.

Vote for me so I don’t have to hire any more liars, they’re expensive!Maggie Williams is now running the show over at the Clinton campaign.  Why?  Because even a sinking ship needs a captain.

Maggie has been a loyal goon for the Clinton family for 25 years, she’s even engaged in one of their favorite activities – perjury.  That is, unless you take her word over that of a Secret Service agent.  Kool-Aid drinkers will, normal people won’t.

What’s curious is that her personality, as described in media reports, is very reminiscent of John Bolton’s, aggressive, willing to “crack heads.”  Yet those traits, as described by a tiny fraction of former co-workers, were enough to make Bolton unacceptable to the US Senate.  Hope someone sues if Maggie gets a little “aggressive” towards them at campaign HQ.  Though proving it would be difficult since courts require proof, unlike the Senate where anecdotes are fine, and people associated with the Clinton clan aren’t known for telling the truth.


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