Clinton Pulls Standard Losing Campaign Gimmick – Let’s Debate All The Time

WHAT?Senator Clinton’s plan for Democratic Party domination has hit a serious snag; turns out those polls showing that people really don’t like her were true. More than that, she has an opponent who is extremely likable and is every bit the socialist she is.

When the choice is between two people who essentially want the same policies, people will go with the one they actually like more often than not. All the debates in the world won’t make up for the fact that 45-55 percent of the population would rather ride in a car driven by a drunken Teddy Kennedy across a narrow bridge than vote for her.

Senator Obama agreed to 2 of the proposed 5 debates, which is a reasonable number. Let’s face it, does anyone really need to see 5 debates where the central themes are who can surrender faster and whose health plan is more socialist? Considering this would be debate number 6,831, couldn’t they just allow each candidate to pick their favorite debate from the past and re-run it?

Either that or, God forbid, get away from the worthless Chris Matthews or Wolf Blitzer hosted love-fests and debate on Fox News.

Wannabe leaders of the free world who are afraid to take on Britt Hume…Never mind, you know.


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