Romney bows out at CPAC

Just finishing his speech, Mitt Romney has “suspended” his campaign “for the good of the party.”  It now looks all but decided that John McCain will represent Republicans in the Presidential contest this year. 

One the one hand, this is a positive development because the Dems will probably be fighting all the way up to their convention.  On the other hand, we get McCain who the hard-right of our party has been blasting for weeks trying to prevent the inevitable.  That means, despite having a candidate, there could still be plenty of fighting on our side.

The next and obvious question is, who will McCain choose for Veep.  If he wanted to placate the movement conservatives, he’ll do the smart thing and pick someone quickly who has all the qualifications we’re looking for.  It has to be someone that generates an enormous sigh of relief from our crowd, as if to say “ok, at least there’s one adult on the ticket.”  Pro-Life? Check.  Reduce spending and taxes? Check.  Go Kill Al-Quaeda?  Check. 

There are a number of folks we could think of to fill that role, but the hard part will be getting them to say yes. 


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