Michael Moore weighs in on the election

In between playing the victim card for not having his movies shown on American broadcast television (ask yourself when the last time was you saw a documentary, even one as loosely defined as Moore’s work, shown on network television?  Hoop Dreams on ABC?  Nope.  But when it happens to Moore, it’s evil and censorship.) and teasing his next project, for which the liberal lemmings will make him even richer (while he disavows profits), he says he can’t morally vote for Hillary Clinton (in the primary) because she voted for the war.

With Moore you have to listen to his exact words because, like a Clinton, he chooses them carefully for wiggle room later.  He said he couldn’t vote for her in the primary, but that doesn’t apply to the general election.  If she ends up being the Democratic nominee, bet your ass he will be out there pulling for her. 

Take to the bank that his “morals,” twisted as they are (if he even really believes them), will allow him to hit the campaign trail to oppose any Republican, no matter who the Democrats nominate.  Funny how that works out.


1 Response to “Michael Moore weighs in on the election”

  1. February 8, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Funny how that works that a website that prides itself on going against any Democrat no matter what criticizes MM for going after any Republican. You half-wits! If Jesus Christ ran for Prez, and chose Ralph Reed as a running mate (if he switched to being a Dem), you sons a bitches would do your damndest to see Jesus lose. If you are going to write something, you may want to choose you hypocrisies carefully for wiggle room later.

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