Fox news update!!

Cue the intro. Roll the graphic.

SHEPHARD SMITH: This is a Fox News Update! Ravenous tornadoes have wreaked havoc on the central United States! We go live to Steve Brown in Norman, Oklahoma where the damage has been unbelievable. Steve?

STEVE BROWN: Thanks, Shep. That’s right. The carnage is widespread. Folks here are beside themselves with grief not knowing where to turn or how to piece their lives back together.

(Steve approaches an elderly man sitting on a curb next to a destroyed house sobbing profusely into his hands.)

STEVE BROWN: Sir? I understand your house has been destroyed, your wife has been hospitalized, your pickup was lifted over a mile away by the wind and you still haven’t found your pets. Can you possibly tell us how you feel right now?

MAN (barely pulling away from his hands to speak): NOT MCCAIN!!!!!


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