Did Super Tuesday Answer Any Questions?

The dust has started to settle from what many have called the single most important night of primary and caucus elections in the history of American politics.  Now that we know the results from the 24 states that held a primary or caucus yesterday we can take a step back and see if they brought any clarity to this year’s Presidential puzzle.

On the Republican side it seems fair to say that Senator McCain has all but wrapped up the nomination – although it doesn’t appear that Governor Romney, Governor Huckabee or Congressman Paul plan to exit the race quietly.  The next step for Senator McCain is to determine if he will court the conservative vote or attempt to win in November without the solid support of the conservative base.  It seems that he will have to make some promises to conservatives if he hopes to gain their support in November.  These promises include: 1) Push to extend the Bush tax cuts; 2) Pledge no federal funding for additional embryonic stem cell lines; 3) Identify a solid Conservative to run his domestic policy office; 4) Pledge to appoint strong judges like Justice Roberts & Justice Alito; 5) Pledge to spend at least a floor of 4% of GDP on defense spending excluding supplemental funding for the war effort; and 6) Seek out a strong conservative as his Vice Presidential running mate.

On the Democratic side the picture is still hazy after last night.  As delegates go it is essentially a statistical tie.  As momentum goes both candidates can claim some — Senator Clinton picked up big wins in New York, California, Massachusetts and New Jersey and Senator Obama picked up big wins in Missouri, Connecticut and Illinois while racking up a total of 14 wins.  In this statistical dead heat it is still too close to call a winner or even a favorite.  The one major advantage that Senator Obama appears to enjoy at the moment is a lead in cash on hand which could prove to be very important in the upcoming series of primaries being dubbed the “Chesapeake Primary” next week in Maryland, DC and Virginia and then again on March 4 when Texas and Ohio head to the polls.

Last night in no way gave us the final chapter on this year’s Presidential primary season, but we did get several chapters closer to the end.   



1 Response to “Did Super Tuesday Answer Any Questions?”

  1. 1 Sabotage
    February 7, 2008 at 11:41 am

    I think if either Huckabee or Romney would drop out the other might stand a chance because McCain has never gotten 50% anywhere that I’m aware of. But Romney stands the better chance and Huckabee seems to hate Romney so he won’t drop out. I just can’t figure out if Huck hates Rommney because of who he is or because he’s mormon.

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