Berkeley reacts to sunlight and the possibility of lost tax dollars.

Not a member of Berkeley’s City Council, as far as we know.Two of the City Council Members who voted to call the United States Marines “unwelcome intruders” have decided they were wrong and want a do-over.  Well, they didn’t really come to the realization that they were wrong, they came to the realization that the rest of the country was aware of what they’d done and didn’t like it.  Plus, Senator Jim DeMint was going to pull all the cash they get from Washington, and everyone knows the way to a Liberal’s heart is through the tax dollars of others.

While the San Francisco Chronicle characterizes those disgusted by the action of Berkeley as “the wrath of the nation’s right wing,” it was hardly such.  Although, to the Chronicle, Mao, Stalin and Hitler were squishes. 

Now the two Council Members want to pass a resolution that says they’re opposed to the war but support the troops. 

Isn’t it a little late for that?  You can’t un-spit on someone, can you? 

We’ve already cover this “We support the troops but oppose everything they do” before here.  We just hope Senator DeMint continues his move to strip them of our money.

We oppose the Berkeley City Council, but support their right to be complete douchebags.

Question: Are people really sorry when they’re forced to apologize?


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