Chelsea will talk to you…if you’re (a) super (delegate)

The Clinton child they don’t talk about.

Chelsea Clinton, the official mime of her mother’s Presidential bid, won’t talk to reporters, even little kids, and only speaks to private, elitist groups, is making phone calls to “Super Delegates” in the hopes of drumming up support for Hillary’s faltering campaign. 

A Super Delegate is not only the world’s worst name for a superhero, it’s also the name for elected officials who have a vote for their party’s nominee that is not tied to primary results.  Members of Congress, Mayors, etc., get to vote for anyone for any reason at the convention, which makes them subject to God only knows what kind of pressure for support. 

Chelsea seems willing to help her mother in any way possible, calling “important” people, meeting with private clubs, standing on stage to remind voters that her mother isn’t a robot and has actually reproduced, any way possible except speaking to people.

You have to wonder how Chelsea can get the time off of work to travel the country to promote her mother when the rest of us get a couple of weeks vacation a year and that’s it.  Wonder if her time off is paid?  The evil hedge fund she works for couldn’t be paying her still or else that would qualify as a political donation, wouldn’t it?


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