Back to the well…Hillary tears up again.

Last time it was the question “how do you do it?”  Today it was an introduction by a friend.  Both took place the day before important votes where it looked like she wasn’t going to do as well as expected.  Both times she managed to launch right into prepared remarks without missing a step.    Is it calculated “emotion” or genuine?  Or does the stress of possibly not winning make her cry?  You decide for yourself, we’re just pointing out the coincidences in the two events.


4 Responses to “Back to the well…Hillary tears up again.”

  1. 1 maureen
    February 4, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    How convenient for Hillary. Right after losing Iowa, and now when the polls are tightening up and the day before super Tuesday. A coincidence or a Clinton strategy?

  2. 2 HardWorkingAmerican
    February 4, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    first friday collective, i am disheartened by your insensitivity and unfounded accusations. i say this not a liberal pointing the finger at a conservative, but rather as a human being saying to another human being – why have you all become so jaded? i am aware that both sides are in it to win it, but are you all so filled with hate for this womman that you can’t see what this really is? haven’t you ever been touched by something someone has said? how would you feel if you went back to a place that meant something to you and sat amongst the future of america knowing what was at stake, tired and overwhelmed with emotion – do you think perhaps you MIGHT shed a tear? just one? is this SO hard to believe? and yes – she wants to win – but that is not all she wants. is it impossible to believe that maybe she wants to make the world a better place? even if you don’t agree with how she wants to go about it – do you think it is possible she has some good in her? that her agenda is more than gaining power?

    if we are going to bring our nation back to the great state that is was once in – we can only do it together. so, please – could we please stop with the unnecessary conspiracies about Hillary Clinton?

    final thought:

    how can we have peace in the middle east, when there’s none at home? how can we have understanding in the land, when there’s none in the woman and the man? how can we heal the wounds of the world if we cannot heal our own? and where does this peace on earth begin if not in the home?

    your blog can be a “home” which is filled with laughter AND which does not hurt others in the process.

  3. 3 PJ
    February 4, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    HardWorking. It is very convient that she cries only when she is about to lose. Do you really want a president who is going to turn on the water works every time the going gets tough. For all of the ERA stuff what would you think if Obama, McCain, Romney, etc. started to cry while on the campaign trail over such trival things? I for one hope that HilBilly goes away and this is the last we see of the Clintons.

  4. 4 HardWorkingAmerican
    February 4, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    Plaxico Burress cried after his win yesterday and I didn’t think he was any less of a man or sports hero because of it. Nor would I think Obama, McCain, or Romeny are weak because they might show emotion about something that’s touched them. Showing emotion from time to time about something that holds great importance in one’s life is not trivial. It is human and brave.

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