News of the Weird, News of the World, News of…Whatever!

News of the Weird!Here’s another look at the random oddities the Interweb has to offer.

Story #1

Now this is a pain in the ass.  Rarely does a headline catch your attention like this one does: Unhealthy enemas put tourists in hospital.  You really should find a new travel agent if a destination offering that as a specialty is pitched to you.

Story #2

How stupid are you?  No one can really answer that question honestly and objectively.  But these questions and answers from British game shows rank among the dumbest answers ever given.  Q: What’s the currency of India?  A: Ramadan?

Story #3

If there is one lesson to be learned from this story it’s this: When committing a burglary and you come across a sausage sitting out on the counter, don’t eat it.  And if you really must eat it, take it with you.  At a minimum you will spare yourself the nickname “Salami-Loving Thief.”

Story #4

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Living is hard, dying is easy.”  Well, Piotr Kucy in Poland is learning just how true that is.  Seems his government thinks he’s dead and they won’t take his word for the fact that he’s not.  On the plus side, he’s no longer obligated to pay taxes.  On the negative side, it’s kind of tough to get a job when you’re listed as dead in government records.

Story #5

You know the story of the homeless person who is worth a million dollars?  Well, this is the librarian who is worth $8 million.  She’s dead, so she’s not worth $8 million any more, but inside her rinky-dink house she had $8 million worth of artwork she collected over her life.  She also ate crappy TV dinners most of her life and died at 77.  You decide which is more amazing, the money or the fact that she lived to be 77.


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