Celebs to media “Don’t tell the story of Heath,” media says ok.

The Entertainment Media is a joke.  If there is another show on television filled with more puff pieces and ass-kissing than Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood (aside from Keith Olbermann with a Democrat on his show), we’ve never seen it.  No matter what a celebrity does, Mary Hart will read their press release as fact and talk to Dr. Phil about how they will redeem themselves.  A total joke.

Now they are caving to pressure, and by pressure we mean a couple of phone calls, to not show a video of the late Heath Ledger at a party where drugs are apparently being used.  It’s reported you can see people snorting coke in the background. 

Seems the stars don’t want to tarnish Heath’s image with, well, what he was really like.  You don’t accidentally wander into a coke party, and if you do, you surely don’t stay…unless you have an interest.

Heath Ledger died at age 28, that doesn’t generally happen to people without some exterior reason.  Was it drugs?  Who knows.  But his life and that video could have served as a cautionary tale for people and maybe kept people away from blow, who knows.  But we won’t know now.

Maybe Heath was a junkie, maybe he wasn’t, doesn’t matter either way, it was his life to ruin and he ruined it.  But to hide the truth is nearly as big a shame as someone 28 dropping dead. 

Is it really honoring someone’s memory if you aren’t telling the truth about them?


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