D001 in Broward County REALLY loves to vote!

The story throughout this election has been about the record high voter turn-out so far in the primaries, but one Florida district seems to have taken that to a new level.  D001 in Broward County, Florida (yes, the same country from 2000) had 109.68 percent voter turn-out.  You read correctly.  Of the 930 registered voters in D001, 1020 ballots were cast. How did this happen? Who knows, but we should find out.

(Click here to see the map and notice the green district.  Click on that, or here, to see the turn-out totals for D001.)

Does this mean voter fraud, or does it mean people in that district really, REALLY wanted to vote?  Can’t say for sure, but it is worth looking into because, whatever the reason, it ain’t right.  And if there’s one thing we learned from Florida in 2000 it’s that if there’s a way for something to get screwed up, they will find it.  


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