Bye-bye, Johnny

Here we see Edwards attempting to hitch a ride to dignity...He never got picked up.

Well, it was good while it lasted (for First Friday; not for John Edwards).  The ultimate limousine liberal campaign has come to an end after all its hard work through several contests resulted in exactly zero wins.

Edwards’s campaign has represented perhaps the most egregious example of left-wing hypocrisy among Democrat candidates. 

He has preyed on the fears of middle-class voters by claiming the existence of “two Americas” while willfully ignoring the enormous upward mobility in our nation.  He has claimed credibility as a potential uniting force in his party and our nation while his campaign deceitfully played the race and gender cards.  He has constantly raised the specter of global warming, insisting that working families “make sacrifices” including consuming less energy and giving up their SUVs, all while he lives in this monstrous home (SUVs circled in red).

Perhaps worst of all, he has relentlessly attacked free enterprise and investors, while he himself not only invested in, but actually worked for a sub-prime lender which foreclosed on dozens of homes in — guess where — post-Katrina New Orleans, whose tragedy he has consistently exploited to create emotional resonance, where his ill-fated campaign began and today will end.

While it’s nice to see John Edwards fail, there remains the depressing fact remains that his soon-to-be-former opponents for the Dem nomination have not only rivaled his efforts to gather delegates, but continue to rival his hypocrisy.

While they chide average Americans for their consumption and demand that we make sacrifices, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama make no such sacrifices themselves.  The Clintons, too, claim to be a uniting force while engaging in racist and sexist campaign tactics, and while they make their attacks on the investor class, Chelsea is employed by a hedge fund.

Even with Edwards gone, we’re left with the same old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude, the same elitist exceptionalism.  Democrats who are already clearing their calendars for inauguration day ought to think twice, because as the nominees emerge and the campaign enters a new phase, voters are going to catch on, and they have a way of rejecting the kind of double-standards that left-wing elitists depend upon to win.  In taking a page from the Clinton playbook, it’s the hypocrisy, stupid.


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