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Congressional Republicans to Lou Dobbs: You’re wrong, jerk! (OK, we added the jerk bit)

Lou Dobbs is running around screaming that the sky is falling, telling people the tax “rebate” Congress is working to pass could mean that the government will be cutting checks to illegal immigrants.  Only thing is, it doesn’t.  Maybe Lou is genuinely confused, or maybe he misses the days when he was the king of the immigration debate, not sure. 

Whatever the case, below is the fact sheet put out by Minority Leader John Boehner’s office on the subject.

Fact Sheet: Illegal Immigrants & Checks

  • The procedures in this agreement are similar to what was done in the tax relief laws of 2001 and 2003.
  • Illegal immigrants who steal or fabricate a Social Security number are NOT ELIGIBLE to receive checks under the House bill. As long as a tax return is accompanied by a valid Social Security number, the IRS has no capacity to know whether a given tax return was filed by a citizen, a legal immigrant, or an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants, of course, don’t have their own Social Security number, so if they file with the IRS, as the IRS believes very few do, they must take one of the following three routes, any one of which could lead to their being identified as committing fraud, and increasing the likelihood that they will be located and deported.
  • They can use someone else’s stolen Social Security number. That is fraud, which the IRS attempts to identify both on a real-time basis and as part of its ongoing enforcement and program integrity efforts.
  • They can fabricate a Social Security number. Tax returns accompanied by non-existent Social Security numbers should be rejected as invalid, although much of that enforcement currently occurs through on-going program integrity efforts (as opposed to identifying the error in real-time and flagging the return for further attention). Nevertheless, those who use such fabricated numbers face real risks of being identified as committing tax fraud and facing resulting penalties.
  • They can obtain an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number). ITINs, however, are not valid for work and illegal immigrants who enter the workforce generally do not attempt to use an ITIN either as proof of employability or for the purpose of filing a tax return, because an ITIN on a tax return is a clear indication it was filed by a non-citizen.

The difference between men and women…

True enough


D001 in Broward County REALLY loves to vote!

The story throughout this election has been about the record high voter turn-out so far in the primaries, but one Florida district seems to have taken that to a new level.  D001 in Broward County, Florida (yes, the same country from 2000) had 109.68 percent voter turn-out.  You read correctly.  Of the 930 registered voters in D001, 1020 ballots were cast. How did this happen? Who knows, but we should find out.

(Click here to see the map and notice the green district.  Click on that, or here, to see the turn-out totals for D001.)

Does this mean voter fraud, or does it mean people in that district really, REALLY wanted to vote?  Can’t say for sure, but it is worth looking into because, whatever the reason, it ain’t right.  And if there’s one thing we learned from Florida in 2000 it’s that if there’s a way for something to get screwed up, they will find it.  


Bye-bye, Johnny

Here we see Edwards attempting to hitch a ride to dignity...He never got picked up.

Well, it was good while it lasted (for First Friday; not for John Edwards).  The ultimate limousine liberal campaign has come to an end after all its hard work through several contests resulted in exactly zero wins.

Edwards’s campaign has represented perhaps the most egregious example of left-wing hypocrisy among Democrat candidates. 

He has preyed on the fears of middle-class voters by claiming the existence of “two Americas” while willfully ignoring the enormous upward mobility in our nation.  He has claimed credibility as a potential uniting force in his party and our nation while his campaign deceitfully played the race and gender cards.  He has constantly raised the specter of global warming, insisting that working families “make sacrifices” including consuming less energy and giving up their SUVs, all while he lives in this monstrous home (SUVs circled in red).

Perhaps worst of all, he has relentlessly attacked free enterprise and investors, while he himself not only invested in, but actually worked for a sub-prime lender which foreclosed on dozens of homes in — guess where — post-Katrina New Orleans, whose tragedy he has consistently exploited to create emotional resonance, where his ill-fated campaign began and today will end.

While it’s nice to see John Edwards fail, there remains the depressing fact remains that his soon-to-be-former opponents for the Dem nomination have not only rivaled his efforts to gather delegates, but continue to rival his hypocrisy.

While they chide average Americans for their consumption and demand that we make sacrifices, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama make no such sacrifices themselves.  The Clintons, too, claim to be a uniting force while engaging in racist and sexist campaign tactics, and while they make their attacks on the investor class, Chelsea is employed by a hedge fund.

Even with Edwards gone, we’re left with the same old ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude, the same elitist exceptionalism.  Democrats who are already clearing their calendars for inauguration day ought to think twice, because as the nominees emerge and the campaign enters a new phase, voters are going to catch on, and they have a way of rejecting the kind of double-standards that left-wing elitists depend upon to win.  In taking a page from the Clinton playbook, it’s the hypocrisy, stupid.


Clinton holds non-victory victory party

We thought Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the race? Oh wait, that’s actually Hillary Clinton running around doing anything to claim what little attention she can wrestle away from the media love-machine that is the Obama campaign.

Florida D’s held a meaningless vote last night which Hillary apparently “won”. We say “won” because the Democrat nominees were not allowed to compete there on account of Florida moving their primary date up and insulting the powers that be in the party.

Still, not to shy away from any opportunity no matter how desperate, Hillary ran up to the sunshine state stage to pick up her award.

“Thank you, Florida Democrats!” Clinton shouted to the cheering throng. “I am thrilled to have this vote of confidence.”

You like me! You really like me!!  Some Florida liberals weren’t buying it

But even some of the faithful in the hall doubted that the big margin for Clinton, flashed on a projection screen, was an accurate gauge of the race here. “Probably not,” said Eleanor Forte, on the outer rim of the celebration. “If they had campaigned here, it probably would have come out differently.”

We think so, too. But never mind. Clinton needs all the positive press she can get.

Even if it’s fake.


Understanding why high taxes are bad for the economy – the Laffer Curve

While the humor in the video leaves something to be desired, the information is useful for anyone who thinks the government can do anything and should tax the hell out of people to do it, i.e. liberals.  Though they probably won’t listen.  But the rest of you who want to make it on your own, this will help you understand something you will hear a lot about this election year.


Of all the things he’s done, THIS Is a betrayal to women?

Senator Kennedy's neck is still in a brace, hurt while not trying to rescue Mary Jo.The New York chapter of the National Organization for Women said of Senator Edward Kennedy’s endorsement of Senator Barack Obama over Senator Clinton “Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal.” 

Perhaps the women of NOW NY aren’t familiar with whom they are speaking of.

La Brasserie, Mary Jo Kopechne, how many affairs? 

The national NOW came to defend Teddy, but the damage was done.

This is why NOW is irrelevant.  You must support a candidate based up whether on not they use a urinal, not anything having to do with what they stand for. 

The feminist movement is constantly set back by the feminist movement…They cycle continues.

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