Let ‘er rip!

It seems the music industry, or a good portion of it, has given up on trying to stop the illegal downloading of music and have decided to get in the game. 

After a decade fighting to stop illegal file-sharing, the music industry will give fans today what they have always wanted: an unlimited supply of free and legal songs.

Today is probably similar to repeal day for this generation, but it makes you wonder what will come next?  Who will be able to record music without profit?  Will the cost of live shows increase to artists and label can see some green?  How will musicians afford their heroin without royalty checks?  Time will tell on all of these.


1 Response to “Let ‘er rip!”

  1. January 28, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Beleive me, out of experience, I guarrantee the labels will find a way to foul up any agreement with file sharing companies. Legal or illegal, the labels, much like my beloved Maple Leafs or the Democratic Party find ways to lose right in the face of victory. Good to see you post this topic. I will say, as far as the labels are concerned, this diplomacy on the part of record execs. is an example of bought out dinosaurs being replaced by savvy marketing youth and format change “agents” (hated to use that phrase). You raise a good question about how artists and label personnel will be paid though. A hike in concert tickets? Possibly. One thing to realize, is artists already recieve most of their monies from merch sales at shows. Unless you are an aging classic rock artist or current pop darling, the file sharing system leaves the artist hanging out to dry. The decade long argument was one I was part of in weekly meetings here in Detroit, and unless every person pay a fee, say a one-time $100 to access a site, then the artist still suffers. Your smaller acts will benefit by gaining exposure. It should then be up to the labels to feature artists by adding rare tracks, and exclusive recordings to Limewire et al.

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