From the Chamber: State of the Union

We have a contributor watching the State of the Union Speech first hand, in and out, and emailing what they see on a blackberry.  Here it is so far…

9:03 So far pretty sedated. Most people like me burying their faces in their blackberries. It’s weird to be at a meeting on the Hill where you don’t know who the D’s and the R’s are. A lot like being at hawk and Dove without the beer.

9:18 It’s amazing to see the applause and people sitting on their hands first-hand.  It’s like watching one section of a stadium try to start a wave and the other side is not interested.  It’s like they’re watching different games or rooting for different teams.

9:29 Tough to update since I have to hide the typing, so sorry for the delays.  Bush is really covering the gamut tonight without discussing his legacy at all. The feeling is that he is trying more than ever to be bipartisan and speak about issues we all agree need work. He spent more time on energy than Iraq. The thought is that the end will be a rehash of his Bush doctrine speech.

9:41 Sad the Democrats sat on their hands when the President mentioned the surge has made progress and killings are down.  Are we really that far-gone as a country?

9:59 Must have let the press secretary gate open. More than 150 now pressed up against the gate ready head up to statuary hall for the big media melee. Can’t even hear the speech with all the conversations. We see people clapping but can’t hear the end of Bush’s speech.

The aftermath:

The melee is a huge Congressional clusterfrank. Senators move around as though they are entitled to every camera. Barney Frank just finished a huge diatribe behind me and I think my jacket is ruined now. I don’t see leadership here. Must have a VIP room or a smoking lounge for Boehner.


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