Quick question on tax “rebates”

Now that a deal has been struck between the White House and Congress to give us back some of our money to help “stimulate” the economy, how can Democrats continue to claim that tax cuts aren’t good?  Wouldn’t allowing us to keep more of our own money in the first place be better than the government having to incur the expense of collecting it and then write us a check for some of it back?  And if giving some back early stimulates a lagging economy, couldn’t not taking it in the first place have helped avoid this situation altogether?  Just wondering…


1 Response to “Quick question on tax “rebates””

  1. 1 drew
    March 13, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    If I take my $500 rebate and spend it on a 100 pair of shoes made in China and a 400 suit made in Thailand: whose economy, precisely am I stimulating?

    Meanwhile, consider that that $500 “rebate” is not really a rebate at all, but a friggen loan furthering a deficit, the likes of which we have not seen since Reagan decided to enter a spending race with the USSR. Who are we to take that money back? At this point it really isn’t our money – since we’re so far in debt. Unless you relinquish your US citizenship, you are responsible for the paper our government carries. So… what to change your tune about phony rebates? Let’s pay off the debt, and then start talking rebates.

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