Let no one ever say it doesn’t pay to be a Clinton.

I like my slice of the pie!Bill Clinton is going to make a huge profit, just to help out his wife’s campaign.

By ending his role in a global fund partnership, he hopes to take away one of the many conflicts of interest in Hillary’s campaign. The former president, and hopefully only Clinton president, is cashing in on $20 million. Typical Clintons, they do “the proper thing” and reap $20 million. If only we could all be so lucky. Why would this pose a conflict of interest?

One of the owners of Bill’s fund is another company. Okay, that’s not so bad. That company happens to be owned by the ruler of Dubai. We promote capitalism and free trade (apparently Bill does too), Hillary does not. Regarding purchases of U.S. corporations by foreign governments, Hillary signaled that is troubling, concerned that the funds lack transparency. Let’s also not forget the scathing scrutiny Halliburton endured when they announced they were expanding their business in Dubai, it’s hard to be a liberal when your husband does the same deals your corporate enemies do.

Typical Clintons: do as we say, not as we do.


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