Al Gore tries to ratchet up the fear because people aren’t buying what he’s selling.

Pope Goreus the VIThe self-appointed elite are meeting in Davos, Switzerland to discuss all the world’s problems and how to solve them (for those paranoid of the “Illuminati” or the Rothschilds, here is a group that is actually attempting to do what you are sure is happening in the shadows).  One of the self-important crowd in Davos who is seeking more attention for himself and his cause (selling carbon credits for profit) is Pope Goreus the VI of the Church of Global Warming, commonly called Al Gore. 

Gore isn’t seeing the kind of sales, er, reaction to his winning of the Nobel Prize he would like so, much like a child not getting enough attention, he’s starting to throw a bigger fit.  Only Gore’s fits aren’t flinging food around and talking back, they’re just making up things about the global warming religion that aren’t supported by the facts (not that any of it is). 

Since sales of his carbon credits are down, most likely hit by the cancellation of what probably would have been a “green” Golden Globes, Goreus the VI is now claiming that the effects of global warming are much worse than we thought, for about the 15th time.  And for about the 15th time, Pope Goreus sites, well, nothing to back up his claim.  That’s fine, that’s all he has to back up his premise, too.

Recent evidence shows “the climate crisis is significantly worse and unfolding more rapidly than those on the pessimistic side of the IPCC projections had warned us,” climate campaigner and former US vice-president Gore said.

This “recent evidence” is not explained.  Much like if you ever have the misfortune to read anything by liberal icon and complete waste of human flesh, Noam Chomsky (who is paid by the Pentagon as a contractor, by the way, not by MIT), he makes claims like “everyone knows” and “it is generally accepted” to undercut anyone who disagrees and misinform those who don’t have the time to do the research on their own (“The debate is over” anyone?).

Still people won’t pay attention to Gore, so he will plot his next move to scare the hell out of people with half-baked “science” on his private jet flight back from Davos.  But don’t call him a hypocrite, he’ll buy offsets from himself.


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