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Liberal Blogger: How dare someone I disagree with speak publicly!

Sit and spin, Marty, the First Amendment applies to me, too!Left-wing professor (so he has a lot of time on his hands) and blogger Marty Kaplan (we’ve never heard of his either, and considering his bio consists of speechwriting for Walter Mondale and writing two movies that bombed, as well as working for Air America (again, no wonder we’ve never heard of him)) is pissed off that the devil himself, Karl Rove, has been tapped to give the commencement address at Choate.  Oh, the outrage!  (Where’s the bald solidarity, Marty?)

His reasons?  They’re all over the place, none backed up by facts, but he doesn’t let that stand in his way.  He blames Rove for “outing” Valerie Plame, though a reading of the news and the report of the special council show no such finding. 

Kaplan complains that Rove can only offer guidance in how to live with:

No rule of law. No checks and balances. No transparency. No civil liberties. No fair elections. No oversight. No accountability. No common ground. No prisoners. No retreat. No surrender.

As proof he offers…well, more accusations.  (Forget they hypocrisy angle.)

The fact of the matter is Karl dare disagree with Kaplan and other left-wing fascists to whom diversity means nothing more than different colored, like-minded drones.  That’s fine, he and they can want they till the cows come home.  What they can’t do is get it. 

Hate the First Amendment as people like Kaplan do, it protects those they hate as much as it protect their right to spew their bile.

What bile?  Read the comment section of his post to see some real hate.



It’s a catfight fit for daytime TV and one we’ve predicted was certainly overdue. Last night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina featured Sen. Barack Obama calling Sen. Hillary Clinton a Wal-Mart sympathizer and Clinton saying Obama was in cahoots with an Illinois slumlord. The mud-slinging and finger-pointing continued throughout the night with only cursory debate over issues and records.

John Edwards pleaded for attention by complaining that this was not just a two-person race, but didn’t make much of a dent in the program. It was the Hillary-Obama show.

The big question is whether all the carping will work or whether it alienates more people. Hillary showed an ability to score points by using her Crocodile Tears in New Hampshire to show her softer side. Will people see through it this time for what she really is?

Also, it’s another opportunity for us to point out that the substantive debate over the future of this country still lies totally on the side of the Republicans. While Hillarack Obamwards gnaw at one another with personal attacks, real issues of national security and our fiscal future take central stage on our side.


February’s First Friday Special Guest: Ralph Reed

Ralph Reed

Joining a list that includes Christopher Hitchens, Michael Steele, Grover Norquist and all the rest, Ralph Reed has agreed to come out, have a few and talk politics with everyone on Friday, February 1st.  Everyone knows Ralph from his work with the Christian Coalition, but few people know that he was around long before that, no the inside of Washington helping form and maintain the Reagan coalition and the movement to take Congress in ’94.

 He knows his political history better than just about anyone in this town, and he personally knows all the players, too.  So come on out Friday, February 1st and have a drink and chat with Ralph Reed.  And ask him about the time he watched the Super Bowl in Bill Clinton’s hotel room in Asia…good story.  And only one of many.


Senator Clinton: You think it’s tough to get an answer out of Barack?

This is a line Senator Clinton said last night in the Democratic debate to Barack Obama: “It’s very difficult to get a straight answer.”  

The irony is thick on this one, but we’ll only give one example, from John Edwards campaign and her mouth.


How not to pay respects.

No doubt Bill Clinton is tired these days, being an attack dog for your wife can really take  it out of you.  But since he was appearing at a public event to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, you’d think coffee would be in order. 

I’m having a dream today!

He spoke later, after waking up.  No word on whether his speech was entitled “I just had a dream.”

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