Didn’t you guys get the memo? The debate is over! There is no need for more “facts!”

His arrogance, Pope Goreus the IV

Given all the hot air the Church of Global Warming spews into the atmosphere annually, it’s amazing polar bears don’t need sun block and Bermuda shorts already.  But since more and more evidence keeps pointing to the myth that is man-made global warming and not the party line of Pope Goreus the IV, that hasn’t happened yet. 

It was just last week that scientists were panicking that the growing ice in Greenland (yes, take a second and let that sink in) and record cold (again, breathe in) were going to make people think global warming wasn’t happening.  Now why would they?  Besides, it’s now called “Climate Change” so as to not confuse people when the doom and gloom predictions followers have made don’t come true and conveniently explains extreme could and lack of category 5 hurricanes winding their way through the Midwest.

But we digress.

Two heretics, er, scientists have published a paper pointing out that there is an active volcano under the ice in Antarctica, which, if you haven’t seen any disaster movies from the 70’s, means hot lava.  Hot melts snow and ice. 

They don’t know for sure yet, but they are looking into it.  The devout followers of Pope Goreus the IV will undoubtedly call for their excommunication, which in the Church of Global Warming means cutting off of their funds, since it’s all a cash-grab for government grants.

Read the science, not the summary of the science by politicians and bureaucrats whose jobs depend upon the continuation of this myth, or the words of reporters who are devout followers and, as reporters, some of the laziest creatures on the face of the earth. 

In other words, do something crazy and think for yourself.


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