News of the Weird, News of the World, News of…Whatever!

News of the Weird!Combing the Interweb for bizarre stories so you don’t have to.

Story #1

If there’s a better way to advertise a car than to use one of history’s greatest murderers, we sure don’t know what it is!  Even more odd, the French company apologized to China for using Mao’s image.  Mao’s image, popular among Leftists in this country, however, has yet to apologize for killing those millions of people.

Story #2

It can’t be easy being a burglar with a conscience, at least one that kicks in in other areas of life outside of the stealing people’s stuff one.  A Berlin burglar called police after discovering the apartment he had just broken into was occupied…by a dead body.  Doesn’t look like the away with anything other than his freedom and the willies!

Story #3

The old joke that cops hang out in donut shops stopped being funny about 20 years ago, but that apparently didn’t stop this cop from hanging out in donut shops.  He recently lost his job because, at 500 pounds, he could no longer do it!  How could he do it at 450 pounds?  It’s not like 500 pounds just sneaks up on you!

Story #4

Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?  More than a ton of snakes have been found on planes in Vietnam lately, rattlesnakes.  No thanks, we’ll walk.

Story #5

Is there nothing people won’t blame on Columbus?  For years people have been complaining that Columbus brought disease and destruction with him when he first came to this side of the globe, and sure, he did.  But it’s not like someone wouldn’t have eventually realized the world was round and come over here, immunity systems would still not have been able to deal.  Well, now we learn it was a two-way street.  A new study blames Columbus and his crew for bringing syphilis to Europe.  So no matter which side of the water you were you were screwed by Columbus.


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