Think Hallmark makes a card for this?

Bill and Monica 

Today, January 17th, 2008, is the 10 year anniversary of news of the Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky affair going public.  (It’s also THE event that made The Drudge Report the powerhouse that it is, therefore paving the way for the rise of blogs.)

Newsweek had the story ready to go, thanks to the reporting of Michael Isikoff, but balked.  Somehow, no one has yet to say exactly how, the story got to the fledgling Drudge Report, which broke it and subsequently blew up along with the story.

Normally an affair between a young intern and an older, married man is a Tuesday on Days of Our Lives, but this was the Oval Office (well, actually a small room off to the side), and the President of the United States.  Sure, it wasn’t Watergate, but it also wasn’t spring break; Bill Clinton was the leader of the free world, something that should’ve taken up most, if not all of his “free time.”  But, as was the case then (though ignored by the media), the crime wasn’t the stain on the blue dress (we don’t care what he does with his business, as long as we’re not sitting in his lap), it was the perjury (Scooter Libby anyone?).

So, today we look back on the events of 10 years ago with disappointment, but not surprise.  We all know where Bill Clinton is today, filthy rich and on the campaign trail for his wife, but where is Monica?  Well, when Bill’s My Life came out, Monica wasn’t too happy with the way he “handled” her in it (yes, cheap pun), but seems to have moved on better than it seemed like it could, getting her Master’s Degree in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics.  Good for her.

You have to wonder what will be going through Bill’s head on this day. He’s done quite well, and actually came out more popular in the end than he was in the beginning of that whole mess, and remains so today. All it took was nearly destroying a young girl. Wonder if Hallmark makes an anniversary card for that? If they do, he should send it to her. On second thought, he probably wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to throw some coupons for free dry cleaning in it. Best to just let it go.


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