If Media (S)Matters mattered they would run risk of getting Chris Matthews. But they don’t.

Media (S)Matters for America, the uber-left-wing spin machine is in the hip-pocket of Hillary Clinton since she “helped start” the group.  To say they’ve made a living off of coming to her aid, however, implies they make a living doing what they do, but they don’t.  George Soros and other left-wing filthy rich guys give them money so they don’t have to earn anything, and the media forgets to mention this most of the time.

Well, they have a major problem with Chris Matthews, seems he’s not saying nice enough things about Hillary Clinton, so he must be destroyed.  They’ve been hammering him for some time now because they need another score since their attempts to crucify Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have failed miserably. 

Here is their latest attempt, a fairly lame one.  Make sure to check out the comment section where Matthews, a Democrat and former staffer for Tip O’Neil, is called a fascist.  Seems he doesn’t pass the purity test, which is “Thou Shall Not Speak Ill of Hillary Clinton.” 

If you were to follow that rule you would be left with two options; say nothing or lie.  Kind of like her campaign, actually.


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