Hypocrisy in Nevada: the Democratic caucus and photo ID’s

There really isn’t much to say about this that we haven’t already said, just paste some excerpts. 

From today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal (you probably won’t hear about this in the mainstream media).

We’re used to Democrats saying one thing and doing another, but the hypocrisy that will unfold at some local presidential caucus sites Saturday will surprise even hardened cynics.

That’s just the open.

The party and loyal special interests have spent millions of dollars on court challenges against photo ID laws, comparing them to poll taxes — even when governments issue photo identification free of charge. The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on the issue last week and could decide the constitutionality of photo identification laws once and for all.

But for Saturday’s much-anticipated caucus, the state party is poised to demand that Strip workers — many of them minority, low-income citizens — furnish ID to participate in the “at-large” sites set up near major hotels to accommodate them.

Read the whole thing, and then tell people about it.


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