Finally practicing what they preach, pro-retreat groups retreat

The bunny is cute, but it won't protect your from anything but carrotsThe past year or so has been rough for America-hating hippies everywhere.  Their efforts to de-fund and denigrate our military haven’t worked a bit.  The situation in Iraq is improving, as the surge appears to be working.  The public is receptive to the news of an improved outlook for the mission.  After all, good news for America is bad news for them.  So in the spirit of their grassroots power-to-the-people values, they held an exclusive meeting behind the closed doors of  K Street office in Washington, DC, to decide how to best use their piles of special interest money against our national interests.

Facing a situation of “hard political reality” (a result of the more important reality that we are winning), the MoveOn crowd are dialing back their efforts .  Sort of.  Now, instead of attempting to block funding for our troops and their mission, they will focus on making sure the president can’t commit to actually finishing the job.

You gotta hand it to them, though, for their lack of hypocrisy in one regard.  As a movement they want our nation to retreat when the mission is challenging; they had no problem retreating themselves when the going got tough for their own mission.


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