Ploy by “random audience member” fails, Hillary lives in Neverland.

The controversy surrounding tonight’s Democratic debate is well documented and debated here (you can see the video of the question here), but Hillary Clinton’s answer to Tim Russert’s question about Barack Obama’s ability to be President contains something laughable.

“We’re (her, Obama and Edwards) the survivors of what has been a year-long campaign…”

Seriously?  You three are the survivors?  What viable Democrat that has ever scored more than 10% tops in the polls has been knocked out?  Richardson is the closest the Democrats have to an also-ran that almost registered…for a few minutes.  Add to that the fact that Edwards is about as close to winning a primary as Gravel and you’ve go the same two person race you’ve had since this thing started, only it’s actually a race now. 

Hillary’s desire to rewrite history in this race is only matched by her desire to rewrite history of her husband’s presidency.  You know, the one where she ran from the plane in Kosovo for her safety…while neglecting to mention she brought Chelsea and the comic Sinbad (truly a diplomatic coup). 

Aside from the very suspect audience member’s cry that Russert’s questions were all race-based, something Hillary wants to avoid without addressing, this statement was a phony attempt to claim she has somehow fought her way to where she is now rather than simply marrying her way to it.

Meanwhile, her other half was out on the stump claiming that Obama is the “establishment candidate.”  The names of the organizations on the checks to her campaign say something different, as do all the exit polls of who is showing up to vote for whom, but the Clintons aren’t known for letting the facts get in the way of a good story.


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