More Democratic infighting, this time over Florida

Ugh, I wish this song would end already!With the primary shuffle that happened last year, several states were penalized with a loss of delegate for moving their primary dates forward and challenging New Hampshire’s supremacy.  Michigan and Florida essentially lost their delegates when they crossed Howard Dean on this. 

A Gentleman’s Agreement was reached among the viable candidates to avoid campaigning in those states to save money that would otherwise have been spent fighting over was amounted only to bragging rights in the hope of getting some momentum.  Hillary broke that agreement when she had her name added to the Michigan ballot, though she only won 56 percent of the Democrat vote, 39 percent went to uncommitted.  (So when Hillary is on a ballot open to Democrats and opposed only by Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel, she pulls barely more than half.  Kind of weak.)

The Clinton Cabal took some heat last night for this, to little notice outside of Michigan.  But their perceived attempt to do the same in Florida is not going unnoticed

An Obama campaign memo Tuesday pointed to “signs . . . that she may be planning to campaign in the state, inquiring about large venues and increased organizing activity.”

In fact, the Clinton campaign inquired Tuesday if the Miami Beach Convention Center will be available for a “rally” on Jan. 27, two days before the state holds its earliest primary in history. City officials said there’s no agreement yet because they are checking whether the massive hall is available.

If this is true it is yet another example of how the word of a Clinton isn’t worth a damn.


1 Response to “More Democratic infighting, this time over Florida”

  1. January 16, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Weak? Weak is an understatement. The e-mail I sent you is now posted at my site, asking where the conviction is. The talk about change is a joke, and people in Michigan voters should have known better, and 21,000 did. They showed their dismay for a Democratic Party that thinks it’s ok to dismiss a state, and yes that state is full of citizens. Here is link containing a response from the Obama camp when I questioned the choice to remove his name from the Michigan ballot http://ghostofwellstone.blogspot.com/2008/01/i-dont-belong-to-any-organized.html
    Weak? Weak is an understatement.

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