It couldn’t happen to a nicer douchebag.

Hey brother, can you spare a dime?Mike Nifong, the persecutor, er, prosecutor in the alleged Duke Rape case fraudulently brought by Crystal Gail Magnum, and pursued with a vigor and love for media attention, not to mention a desire for reelection and a disregard for facts, is broke.  Actually, to say Mike Nifong is broke is an understatement, he’s seriously in debt – if you buy his version of things.

We aren’t ones to dance on people’s graves, but someone of Nifong’s ilk deserves no special consideration at all (his family, sure, feel sorry for them, but not him). 

In a move Helen Keller could’ve seen coming, Nifong has filed for bankruptcy.  What’s amazing is he lists $180 million in liabilities in his filing.  That’s right, $180 million in debt, essentially.  While the number is high, seems low compared to the damage he did in his attempt to win reelection.


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