Congressional Dems: Thou shall not engage in use of legal product.

It really is.To say Members of Congress are fed up with the Democratic Leadership in Congress would be an understatement.  But it’s not only Republicans who are not told the schedule of business until the day of, or the Code Pink fringe who can’t get the surrender they desperately want.  No, it’s not just the people you’d expect to be upset, it’s smokers from both parties.

Seems the purchase of tobacco products, legal products, doesn’t make the cut under the Führer Pelosi, even though it is a tax on that very product the Democrats planned to use to pay for the expansion of children’s health insurance.

The House of Representatives is now a smoke-free zone, meaning not only can’t you smoke there, but you can’t even buy tobacco products there.  This, of all things, has brought Democrats and Republicans together.

“The health nannies’ arbitrary ban on a legal and heavily taxed product bodes ill for the future marketing of Mountain Dew and MoonPies,” said Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter.

“This is silly ‘feel good’ crap by a bunch of do-gooders,” barked a high-level Democratic staffer.

On staffer asks, “This is another thing to screw with staffers. What’s next?”

Certain foods, speech they don’t like and whatever else they deem unfit for people to consume or do.  This is how fascists work, by the way, so it should surprise no one.


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