When the Environment Attacks …

Twenty-two bald eagles died when they dove into an uncovered truck full of fish guts in Anchorage, Alaska. The truck was owned by Ocean Beauty Seafoods. The Associated Press reportsthat workers from the seafood plant and the Fish and Wildlife Service washed 30 or so surviving birds in dishwashing soap and let the eagles dry overnight in a warehouse. The eagles are expected to recover.

The Bald Eagle, of course, is a protected species, so the Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating whether the seafood plant is in anyway culpable for the attack-or rather for being attacked.

We have lots of laws protecting nature, but nature isn’t always benign. Sometimes nature is the aggressor. If the bald eagle mobbing had endangered human beings, what would the law have allowed them to do to protect themselves and their property?

FWS spokesmen have indicated they think there is no violation of the law, since the seafood company didn’t intend to hurt the birds. Still, nature attacked and the truck owners have to satisfy bureaucrats that the victims aren’t to blame.


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