Is anyone really shocked that racism is rearing its ugly head in the Democrat’s primary?

The Clintons are starting to take some heat for the growing racial comments they are making against Barack Obama by them and their surrogates.  It’s not surprising, we and anyone who has looked at them through non-hero worship eyes has known for a long time that they will do anything, absolutely anything to win.  (What else explains a wife running a program to slander and discredit women who’d had an affair with her husband?)

These stories don’t need commentary, but they are worth reading.

Racial tensions roil Democratic race – Politico

Cuomo’s ‘shuck and jive’ comment spurs controversy– Newsday

“If you want Obama to be your imaginary hip black friend and you’re young and you have no social needs, then he’s cool.” – The Guardian

…vast numbers of Latino voters are thought to be skeptical of an African-American candidate. (One Democratic operative recently described this to me as the Do the Right Thing factor.) – The New Republic

It seems the Democratic party has yet to emerge from their segregationist ways, but that doesn’t stop the left from accusing conservatives of exactly what the left has been doing for year.  Check this out, about half way down where you see IT TAKES A GREENWALD.

This story will continue to develop as votes approach.

Bill Clinton even went on the Al Sharpton radio show to attempt to stomp down this story.  Time will tell where this ends up…

UPDATE: Here’s the Sharpton link.


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