This is the People’s Car?

The Nano

The NanoIndian automaker Tata has unveiled the world’s cheapest new car, the Nano.  (Yes, Nano by Tata.  No sexists jokes, please.)  The Nano doesn’t seem like too bad of a deal, if it works and is reliable. 

With a price tag of about $2,500 and 60 miles per gallon (though it won’t be setting any land-speed records with a top speed of 65 and timed at going 0-60 in 21 seconds), you could soon find the Nano competing with the Mini Cooper throughout Europe, if Europe will allow the competition.

Don’t expect to see Nano dealerships springing up in the US anytime soon, however.  Ralph Nader wouldn’t stand for it unless and until it has every safety feature on the planet, probably double or tripling the cost.  Seems some view Americans as too stupid to know what’s best for themselves and, therefore, in need of a “watchdog” to protect them.  So you increase the weight with “safety” features, even though people should be free to choose the car they want and assume the risk to their physical health, the weight increase lowers fuel efficiency and the features raise the price beyond low income people’s ability to afford it, removing the built in market for the car, and they fail.  You blame Detroit, “Corporate greed,” and all the typical bogeymen of the left, and call for subsidies so people don’t lose their jobs.

That’s pretty much the liberal business model. 


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