And you think government can manage health care.

There are a lot of people out there who think the federal government can do a better job of running the nation’s health care system than private industry.  As Michael Moore said constantly while touring to sell tickets to his movie Sicko, the government sends out Social Security checks to the elderly every month and that’s a huge program, so they can clearly run the health industry.  Don’t really understand the computer generated check equals something as complex as the health care of 300 million individuals, but we look at people as individuals, not as a group.

Anyway, for you government lovers out there who think the Feds are the solution, take a look at this story.  The FBI lost several wiretaps on criminal suspects because they forgot to pay the phone bill.  Yet you’d trust them to run your lives?  You must not have any faith in yourself or much of a life to run.  But this is what you get when you entrust things to faceless bureaucrats half way across the country.

Sure, you’ll default to “It’s Bush’s fault!”  He is, after all, responsible for everything wrong in the world, right?  But do you really think he’s sitting in the Oval Office cutting checks for utilities?  No, it’s the incompetent bureaucracy, and thanks to federal unions, those people stay in their jobs no matter who is President.

Maybe they should’ve sent their bills the Social Security Administration…


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