Success breeds success.

Surge!The surge in Iraq has worked so well, that not only has the U.S. been able to reduce troop levels, they have been able to go on the offensive as well.  Two hundred mostly foreign Al Qaeda moved into the Diyala province northeast of Baghdad, and created another mini-state.

What’s 200 when you’ve got 5,000? For the first time in years, the success of the surge freed up enough troops, 5,000 of them, to go the offensive and attack the Al Qaeda positions. Al Qaeda, fearing the attack, had most fled leaving many fighters behind; the enemy appears to literally be on the run. Other signs of success: a full Iraqi battalion will move into the province and hold it, they’re capable of watching their own. Villagers helped the U.S. soldiers identify the combs and IEDs the terrorists had left to ensnare the coalition forces.

Harry Reid called the war lost, and the democrats raved that U.S. had no business policing a civil war. Instead it seems that the surge has been a massive success in helping expel foreign terrorists and helping hand the Iraqi’s a free destiny. It’s not over yet, but trends are definitely good.


2 Responses to “Success breeds success.”

  1. 1 LLP
    January 9, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    First Friday,

    Given your own committment to winning in Iraq, I’m wondering if you have considered enlisting? I’m concerned you will miss your chance to take part in the “defining struggle of our generation” and help save the world from the islamic fascists.

    Your blog identifies you as “a bunch of Washington D.C. conservatives and libertarians getting together at a local bar once a month…”

    Judging from your profile, many of your contributors are eligible for serivce. Are you going to man up? We need everyone’s help so we can win!

    Urge war supporters to enlist!

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