He’s popular at home, but few want him to run.

The desire of the media for a viable third party candidate in the Presidential election aside, the desire of  New Yorkers for that candidate to be Mayor Michael Bloomberg is minimal.  While a majority like him (52 percent), only 34 percent actually want him to run for President.

Maybe the reason for this that there are already 2 viable New Yorkers in the race (okay, 1 and 1/4 since Hillary is from Illinois, Arkansas and Washington, too) and the prospect of 3 New Yorkers running in a national race would mean that city and state are up for grabs, thus subjecting them to 8 months of campaign ads on their TVs (think Iowa and New Hampshire combined on crack because of all the Electoral Votes New York has).

Bet the Democrats are hoping Bloomberg sits this one out.  When it comes to expanding government, raising taxes and infringing on personal liberty, they don’t want the competition.

In case you missed it, Bloomberg has already spoken out on what he thinks his chances are.


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