Hillary Cries, sort of.

Check out this video of Hillary Clinton breaking down from the stress of running for President and ask yourself this: If running for President is so stressful that a candidate breaks down, how do you think they’ll handle the stress of being President?

But we don’t believe this wasn’t a deliberate set up make her look human since her “likability tour” ended with her losing in Iowa by quite a bit and New Hampshire looking worse.  If you notice, there are no tears, it’s voice crying, like bad stage acting.  Most people can’t pull a Demi Moore and shed tears on demand, but they can stage cry, which is all vocal and breathing.  She’s being beaten by Obama with him really even answering her negativity in kind…desperate times…

It’s not like this is unheard of from a Clinton, remember the Ron Brown funeral video of Clinton leaving?  Laughing, have a great time, then he sees the camera and boom, starts crying.  Only more people bought it from Bill.  We couldn’t find a clean version of the video, but this guy’s commentary adds to it.


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