Apparently Democrats Scare Sunni’s Too

In the NH debates before the primaries, Obama credited the 2006 Democratic takeover of Congress for the reduction of violence in Iraq. Obama declared that the Sunni’s saw the likelihood of US troop withdraw that would leave them vulnerable to the Shia’s, so they decided to finally behave.

If the democrats were able to restore peace to Iraq simply by being elected, what are they going to do next? Cure cancer? Solve the whole “Middle East thing? Get Yankee and Red Sox fans to hug? The possibilities are endless!

The Sunni’s must be a truly impressive people. Aside from killing, avoiding being killed, fleeing the country, rebuilding the country, joining with Al-Qaeda, kicking out Al-Qaeda, they somehow managed to find time to have coffee, read the paper, catch the evening news and see the Democrats had won majorities in both houses and gain an understanding of the potential ramifications of that. Considering half of America doesn’t know what the difference between a Senator and Congressman is, the Sunni’s must do a better job following international affairs and understanding governmental systems than the NEA (which actually isn’t that difficult to believe).

The rest of the field wasn’t much better. Richardson denied any progress whatsoever, Edwards meekly pointed towards the British withdrawal and Clinton acknowledged the failure of Iraq. None defined what success would look like in Iraq, or said anything about want it. It was pretty much a straight-up, “screw ‘em, they had their chance.”

The Democrats have no plan other than retreat, and no interest in what the consequences of retreat could be, either for the United States, the Middle East or the Iraqi people. Occasionally you hear someone mention an “international force” but never get an explanation of what that force is, mostly because it doesn’t exist.

The rest of the world, the countries all these Democrats want to buddy up to and “restore our good name” with, are worthless on the international stage. The United Nations is a failure. How many years have they been condemning the genocide in Darfur? What have they done about it? The fact that Democrats are willing to put even a portion of our national security in the hands of the UN should give everyone pause.


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