The line-up for the Cannes Film Festival announced (possible)

Now that Sean Penn has been appointed the President of the Cannes Film Festival Jury, This space for renthere is a look at what could possibly be the line-up of films under consideration for best picture.

Michael Moore really is a documentarian and not a propagandist.  I swear! – A film by Michael Moore

The Hugo Chavez I know: An honest, unbiased look at the great man who can do no wrong and looks great is a red shirt (by the way, he’s not a dictator, he’s a good guy) – A film by Danny Glover

Death to America! (A look behind the scenes of Hollywood) – A film by Osama bin Laden

40 hours a week equals death – A film by the Unions of France

I’m awesome and you should vote for Hillary (but please, keep “the surfs” away from me – A film by Barbara Streisand

We don’t got no gays – A film by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Our next President: Why the American People Love Dennis Kucinich – A film by Dennis Kucinich

George W Bush: Worst President in US History 1798-1977, 1981-present – A film by Jimmy Carter

A very profitable “truth” – A film by Al Gore

Who will win is anyone’s guess…


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  1. 1 JM MILLER
    January 3, 2008 at 6:54 pm


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