There has got to be a better way to pick a President than this…

Remember when you eat corn?How much does it cost to run for President?  Who knows, but it’s starting to look like this could be the first billion dollar campaign. 

The insane amount of money people are willing to give to someone running for public office could easily be better spent giving to a charity that actually helps people (unlike government) is mind-boggling.  In Iowa alone, a state that rarely picks the winner of a party’s nomination, campaigns are expected to spend about $200 per voter for this Thursday’s caucus. 

If the caucus were any indication of what the country supports, or even inclusive enough to allow anyone who wanted to vote to vote (which they sadly do not) it would still be a colossal waste of money.  For nearly a year all the candidates have been going to Iowa spouting the virtues of ethanol subsidies, something the rest of the country both doesn’t understand and gets screwed by, something any thinking person or free-market loving individual could tell you is a waste of money and has a damaging impact on Americans as a whole, and Iowans who love the government gravy-train lap it up.  They know that as long as they hold this expensive, exclusive party once every four years the gravy will keep rolling in.

There has got to be a better way.  This country can’t afford to keep choosing nominees from both parties that got their position because they promised voters in various states they would continue to keep our money flowing to them.  We aren’t picking a winner, we’re picking someone who will make each of us lose less. 


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