Douchebag of the Week.

You are a Douchebag!This week’s winner has been around a long time and was once an important player in the world of news.  The onset of the Internet has seen our winner’s influence decline, but once a year our winner does something everyone takes note of.  What it does is name “Person of the Year,” which makes our Douchebag of the Week Time magazine.

What did Time do?  They named Vladimir Putin “Person of the Year.”  It’s not the fact that General David Patraeus has had a larger, more important impact on the world (and came in 4th), it’s because their write-up of Putin reads more like a Valentine’s card than an assessment of a man who has retarded freedom in Russia and positioned himself to be in power of life in what was just a few years ago a budding democracy.

Yes, Putin is corrupt ($40 billion so), but that’s not the point.  While Putin was first, Al Gore was second, then JK Rowling (author of the Harry Potter books), then China’s leader, Hu Jintao.  Finally, General Patraeus.

We don’t even criticize Time for saying this of the corrupt Putin, “His final year as Russia’s President has been his most successful yet.”  We expect insanity from our left-wing friends. 

Time wins because they thought a dictator in the making, a political hack and environmental hypocrite, an author of children’s books and communist leader had a more profound and important impact on the world than a man who is bringing stability to Iraq in the face of incredible odds and Congressional Leadership actively working to undercut his chance for success. 

This is not a surprise, or a disappointment, but typical of Time. And that is why Timeis out Douchebag of the week.

NOTE: While Time isn’t nominated, don’t forget to vote for Douchebag of the Year.  The “winner” will be announced the the first week of January, so, like Democrats in Chicago, vote early and often.


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