Political Reconciliation, A History

Surrounded by a hostile country to the north, a hostile country to the south, and hostile neighbors to the east, a once struggling nation engaged in a long war against its decree ruling tyrant and his sympathizers. With the help of a great foreign power, this country was able to win its freedom, and ensure basic rights to man. Despite the military victories in a war nearly considered lost, this one country struggled for years to erect a working government, and the world doubted it would ever endure. This country was deeply divided geographically, religiously, and tyrant sympathizers still lingered.

Ted Kennedy (who is the senator that looks the most like “Fat Bastard” from Austin Powers), Pelosi’s, and Reid’s have all fallen flat on their political faces arguing against the surge; to redeem themselves, they declare that Iraq still is lost, because: the political solution is still as “evasive as ever.”  They are ready to give up on a country that is divided religiously, geographically, forced to rely on a foreign power, and surrounded by unsympathetic countries. Kennedy has pointed out that the US entered WWII, and 4 years later, we had victory. Here’s what you missed while boozing your life away, Teddy.

Abraham Lincoln later spoke of the country described in the first paragraph. His words were: “…our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, dedicated in Liberty…”. In case anyone had forgotten, (like Ted), the U.S. became an independent country in 1776, and had not finalized its working government until 1791 (when the Bill of Rights came into effect, First Friday considers them important to government). That’s 15 years. First Friday is not saying we are committed to having troops in Iraq for 15 years, but we are saying, give them a chance. It took the greatest country on Earth 15 years to get its act together; a country with Quakers, Puritans, Catholics, Anglicans surrounded by British in Canada, and Spanish to the south. Give Iraq a chance.

The Iraqis may be moving slowly in government, but slowly is better than nothing. The Iraqi government is taking over the neighbor security program in which neighborhood groups are paid to patrol their own turf.  This gives those Iraqis patrolling the streets a vested interest in seeing their government survive, it’s going to pay the money for working. If the government fails, they will not get money. Hopefully the transition goes smoothly, First Friday is willing to give Iraq a chance.


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