Could this be the Clintons handy work?

Remember a while back when there were stories floating around about “big news” about a presidential candidate but no one wanted to touch the story because it couldn’t be confirmed?  Well, this could be it. 

It’s a story about how John Edwards has a love child on the way with a former contract employee of the campaign.  Not worth going into or recounting, it’s the Enquirer after all.  But they did break the Jesse Jackson story, so…

Anyway, who would’ve leaked this, true or not?  It would have to be a campaign because no one else would have incentive to do so.  It wouldn’t be a Republican because Edwards isn’t going to win the nomination anyway, so there’s no point wasting time on him.

Obama doesn’t have much to gain and risks too much by having this come back to him.  He’s leading right now, taking down Edwards doesn’t make any sense.

That leaves the inventors of the Politics of Personal Destruction; the Clintons.

What does Hillary have to gain from this?  If Edwards fades in Iowa there’s a pretty good shot she gets a lot of his support, same goes for South Carolina.  That would help her lagging campaign significantly. 

Just speculation at this point, but it does fit the Clinton mold.  Let’s just hope none of it is true.


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