Even Ed Koch is calling out Al Gore of global warming.

Pope Goreus the IV delivers his “sermon on the private jet.” 

It would seem that former New York City mayor Ed Koch has not gotten the memo on the how the global warming myth works.  Rule number one, you do not talk about facts.  Rule number two is the same, obviously.  But rule number three is where they really get serious, you do not speak ill of Al Gore.

That’s right, no matter what Al Gore says, no matter how outrageous or wrong it is, Al Gore is only to be spoken of in loving terms (never in vain) and, most importantly, he is never to be questioned!

Koch breaks with the orthodoxy and calls Gore out on a number of things.  While he doesn’t quite go far enough for out taste, like pointing out the scientific facts about how global warming is a natural phenomenon, he does an effective job going after Pope Goreus IV for his attacks on the United States.

Check out the article here.


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