Holding the myth together takes a toll…apparently.

Lying to the world to push through a socialist agenda is tough work.  First, you have to make sure you keep the people feeding you “data” in line and they don’t go off the reservation and start mentioning facts.  You also have to coordinate attacks against those who dare find facts that disagree with your desired outcome, getting fanatics like Al Gore to equate them with Holocaust deniers was a good first step on that front.

Finally, you have to get freedom disliking governments from around the world to not only It's not easy being a douchebag.agree that nearly everything is the fault of the US, which is pretty easy to do, but you have get them to agree on how best to use that lie to advance an agenda designed to cripple the economy of US.  Therein lies the problem.

These bureaucrats have to agree on how best to force the world’s last, best bastion of individual liberty and freedom to slowly give up that which makes it the only country people flee to and become more like the rest of the socialist world.  Rather than seek ways to improve lives of those suffering from economic oppression, they would rather rid the world of the gold standard so all suffer equally.  A rising tide sinks all boats, or something like that.

The man charged with leading the 21st century crusade for the religion of global warming at the Bali waste of time and private jet parking summit is the UN’s Yvo de Boer.  But the pressure to pull together a unified agreement with all the participating bureaucrats that best advances the ball to a one-world government got to be too much for Yvo. 

Yesterday, the man called the “hard man” on global warming broke down in tears.  It had nothing to do with the fact that the ice in Antarctica is at record size, of the fact that the doom and gloom predictions of powerful hurricanes hasn’t come true, or even that it turns out the earth is cooling, no, none of that is really good news to the Bishop of the Church of Global Warming.  It was that he was having a tough time getting everyone to agree on how best to ruin economies everywhere and stop the 3rd world from developing.

Not to worry, though, they eventually came up with something. 

Is it just us, or shouldn’t it be easier to get agreement if, as we are told, everyone but the United States agrees humans are ruining the planet?  After all, what’s the point of these meetings if it’s already too late?

The time window given to us a few years ago of “we only have 5 years left to act before it’s too late” is fast closing.  Yet we aren’t seeing what we were told we would see if we didn’t act.  Ever wonder why that is? 

One day people will realize they’ve been lied to by people like Yvo for no other reason than power and politics.  When that day comes exposed UN bureaucrats will actually have a reason to cry.


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