Hillary invites voters to “inspect” her, just not any of her documents.

Hillary Clinton told a group of farmers in Iowa that they were free to “inspect” her, even look inside her mouth, like you would livestock, because she wants their trust and their vote. 

Yet she and her husband still refuse to simply release all the documents from when he was governor and president, claiming it’s out of their hands.  It’s not. 

If she’s running on her record, not only as Senator (which is as thin but 2 years longer than Obama’s), but as First Lady of Arkansas and the US, why is she still hiding records of those times?  That is, after all, the experience she’s claiming to have that makes her the most qualified. 

She allegedly didn’t know her husband was screwing around behind her back in the same house for months, without those documents we can only assume she wasn’t nearly as involved with anything happening in the White House as she claims.

Not Hillary, and not Prince Charles either.


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