Hey San Francisco – You can’t take care of yourself, so your mayor is going to do it for you.

Hey Gavin, have a smoke and smile.Gavin Newsom, the douchebaggy mayor of San Francisco who slept with his best friend’s wife, loves to make decrees from on high.  Not one to let the law (of human decency or friendship) stand in his way, he just goes about his business anyway he likes.  That work in San Francisco because residents love big government.

His latest attempt to insert himself into the lives of those who live there is on the battleground of obesity. 

Newsom wants to tax “sugary drinks” in the hope that it will help stop people from getting fat.

First off, if you have an otherwise healthy lifestyle but drink so much Coke that you’re obese, you’re drinking more Coke than a human being can consume.  So it’s safe to say that Coke isn’t the problem here.  Maybe they should look beyond beverages to people simply being lazy.

Second, why tax it?  Simple, they want the money.  If they were really concerned with the “evils” of sugary drink, cigarettes or any number of other things liberals demonize then try to tax, why not outlaw them?  Seriously.  It’s because they want the money.  Any estimate on increasing cigarette taxes never takes into account the hoped for (of so they claim) decrease in smoking on the revenue side because they don’t want people to stop smoking, they want their money.  The same will be true here.

For a liberal city that prides itself on a reputation of almost being otherworldly when it comes to societal norms, this in highly intolerant. 

Soon in San Francisco you won’t be able to drink a Coke or smoke a cigarette on the sidewalk, but you can exchange your heroin needles for fresh ones whenever you need them and shoot up in the park. 


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