Congratulations to Ron Paul.

Congressman and Presidential also-ran Ron Paul has set another fund-raising record.  On the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, fans of the Texas Congressman raised more than $6 million.

Paul, a good candidate and honest and sincere man, now has a lot of cash on hand.  We highly doubt it will translate to votes for him since he’s never really polled well, but it is a credit to his supporters that he’s been able to raise so much money and inspire such strong feelings.

Hopefully the Libertarians will not abandon the party simply because their candidate didn’t win.  The same goes for the SoCons and fiscal conservatives, whoever ends up winning.  It’s not about purity, no one is going to score a touchdown every time they touch the ball.  It’s about moving the ball down field.  Let’s hope no group adopts the Veruca Salt attitude of wanting a golden goose and wanting it now and realizes victory, any victory, is going to be won incrementally.  And the only way to move in the direction you want is to stand together behind whoever emerges as the nominee. 

The alternative will be much, much worse.


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